Met a little less ordinary is filmbedrijf Rotterdam Rauwkost genomineerd voor de Goude kalveren. Filmproducties van hoge kwaliteit gemaakt door een Rotterdams filmbedrijf. Deze videoagency uit Rotterdam zorgt voor het beste beeld en geluid op het gebied van film.

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Short film (2022)



"Now that I roam, I make my own rules. That way I can go wherever I want, whenever I want."


In her quest for adventure and freedom, Maye, a young runaway with nothing to lose, finds herself in a whirlwind of hard partying, fleeting loves and irreversible choices. 


Don't sleep too long (and certainly not on the street), don't beg, shower daily, and, above all: never give up. With a set of self-imposed rules, homeless Maye hopes to continue her free, adventurous life. Without the burden of a home, of friends and the yoke of her traditional Chinese parents, she frolics through Rotterdam, seizing the day as well as the night. But when she loses her few possessions, her utopian house of cards collapses and reality proves even harsher than expected.



A Little Less Ordinary is selected for the Golden Calves competition of the Dutch Film Festival 2022


ProducerHerman Slagter
DirectorGuido F.G. Jeurissen
ScenarioGuido F.G. Jeurissen
















StarringJun Jun Liang
Zouhair Mtazi
Melody Klaver
Boyd Grund
Nick Lavramento Silva
Jenny Hsia
Wing Poon
Sandra Lee (voice)
ProducerHerman Slagter
DirectorGuido F.G. Jeurissen
ScenarioGuido F.G. Jeurissen
D.O.P.Lawrence Lee
Art directorIris Schutgevaar
EditorBram Kuiper
Make-upIza Sedig
Original musicCasper Houtman

Jelke Landman

CastingJut & Jul casting


1st ADJack Westerlaken
Set dresserDoor Hogesteeger
SoundHenk-Jelle de Groot

Ting Fung Cheung

Sound designHenk-Jelle de Groot
ColoristQianwei Tong
1st ACMaric Dam
2nd ACDaan de Graaff
GafferTjeerd Melchers
Best BoysAyke Govaart

Friso Tjalma

Younes Laaguidi

Title sequenceLeone van Leeuwen
Music mixJoram van Pinxteren
Production assistsArjen van Doezelaar

Bram van der Linde