Documentaires produceren of laten produceren? Een documentaire laten maken door een video agency uit Rotterdam zorgt voor een kwalitatieve, hoogstaande productie. Passie is wat het lichaam doet bewegen. Met passie een documentaire produceren is wat Rauwkost Film het liefste doet.


Documentary (in production)
± 70′


Ni Una Más (Not One Woman More!) is a feature-length documentary directed by Julia Hollander and tells the story of protest musicians Vivir Quintana and the six-member women's band Las Brujas (The Witches). Armed with their instruments and voices, they fight against the failing state of Mexico and the countless kidnappings and murders of women that occur daily. Ni Una Más! depicts the gruesome true face of Mexico: a machismo state in which women are oppressed at every conceivable level. In part because of the music of these strong women, a protest has been unleashed that grows by the day. Their music is the voice of the voiceless. Together they sing on behalf of all women.


“Soja Claudia, soja Esther en soja Teresa
Soja Ingrid, soja Fabiola en soja Valeria
Soy la niña que subiste por la fuerza
Soja la madre que ahora llora por sus muertas
Y soy esta que te hará pagar las cuentas”


"I am Claudia, Esther and Teresa,
I am Ingrid, Fabiola and Valeria,
I am the little girl who grew up in violence,
I am the mother crying now for her murder
And I will punish you for her death."


This humanitarian crisis cannot continue any longer. Too many mothers have lost their daughters, too many sisters, girlfriends and partners have died. It must stop. Not one more woman! ¡Ni Una Más!

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