Voor deze rotterdamse filmproductie is gekozen voor een echt Rotterdams Filmbedrijf: Rauwkost. Met gevoel en passie voor de stad Rotterdam is Over Roze Gesproken gecreëerd. Uit productiehuis Rotterdam, voor de stad Rotterdam.

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Short social documentary (2023)


In Speaking of Pink, four elderly LGBTQ+ individuals come together in a bright pink space. In this space, which is as much a living room as it is an archive, they share their life stories with each other. The short film is a hopeful, imaginative documentary about reclaiming spaces where the identity of older LGBTQ+ individuals is not accepted.


Speaking of Pink gives an insight into the LGBTQ+ history of Rotterdam through the stories of four elderly people: lesbian activist Nell Broekhuizen, Christian transman Jos Niesing and married couple Tonny van Dijk, a heterosexual woman, and Arie van Dijk, a gay man. Although the stories of the four main characters seem very different at first glance, they clearly have one thing in common. Nell, Jos, Tonny and Arie have all had to search for a space in which they could be themselves. All four have had to transform traditional norms around family, faith and marriage to find space for their identity.


Speaking of Pink serves as a reminder of the rich but sparsely documented queer history of Rotterdam, but above all as an inspiration for the current generation of queer people, who often still grow up without visible role models. The stories in this documentary demonstrate that the struggle for space to be yourself is not just something of the present.



DirectorCharlotte Maria
ProducerFelix Dukker
D.O.P.Jorick Buurstra
EditorRichard van ’t Hof
OPEN Rotterdam
Gemeente Rotterdam
Stichting Bekker-la Bastide-Fonds
Fonds ZOZ
PresskitNL / EN

StarringNell Broekhuizen
Jos Niessing
Tonny van Dijk
Arie van Dijk
Also starringRowan, Joël, Vickey, Evan, Zoë Zee, Stella Rosa Herts, Sammie Samuels,Carla Spruit, Barbara Verbrug, Helma Lodder, Greet Troost, Jet Valk, Het Roze Lijsterbessenkoor, Het Roze Café, Floor Verhulst
ProducerFelix Dukker
Executive ProducerArjen van Doezelaar, Jorick Buurstra
DirectorCharlotte Maria
D.O.P.Jorick Buurstra
ComposerMatthijs van der Wilt
Sound design & mixJorick Buurstra
ColoristDavey Anthony
Graphic DesignSanya Gurung
VFXJorick Buurstra
InternSomar Yahya
— Studio —
1st ADGuido F.G. Jeurissen
AssistantKiki Haasnoot
Art directorIris Schutgevaar
Make-up & hairJesse de Graaf
1st ACBastiaan de Haas
GafferLawrence Lee
ElectriciansEloi Genrich, Daan de Graaff
SoundArjen van Doezelaar
Art direction assistantMyrthe van der Staay
— On location —
Production leadKiki Haasnoot
SoundTing Fung Cheung, Eddie Contento, Arjen van Doezelaar